Friday, April 2, 2010

Long week.

It's been a long week... breakups are not a good time. Things I've learned this week:

1. Battle Studies is a great breakup CD. Thanks, John Mayer.
2. Cleaning your room after a breakup can be dangerous... you find things.
3. Your Pandora stations probably need to be changed after a breakup... songs that used to be sweet are not so sweet this week.
4. I've never appreciated the craziness of the production room as much as I did this week... stress was a blessing this week. Distractions are good.
5. The silver lining of a breakup: everyone you know that you haven't talked to in months calls to check on you, and you get some sweet time of catching up.
6. I have great friends. There are no words for them... they just love me so well.
7. God is good... all the time.

I hope Easter is full of love and blessings for all... wish I was with my family, but I'm blessed to have a "home away from home" in Jonesboro. Thanks, Bakers. Haha.