Monday, October 26, 2009

Visitors, hospitals, and fire alarms.

It's been an interesting few days... let's just hit the highlights:

1. Thursday night, Kelsey and I went to the ER, because I was having some pretty intense headaches that were making me dizzy and light headed. They did a CT Scan, blood test, and pregnancy test (just in case Jesus was coming round 2). The results: nothing. So they treated me for migraines, with Lortab.

2. Friday Leland came, and Saturday I started feeling worse. I was really cold, my body temp dropped to 94 at one point, and I was starting to feel some numbness in my arms and legs. So we went back to the ER, they did some more extensive blood tests, a chest x-ray, and yet another pregnancy test. The results: x-rays were fine, besides the fact that apparently I have big lungs. My swim coach father would be proud. Preg-test was negative (surprise), so Jesus is in fact only coming once. BUT they did find low potassium levels in my blood, which may be the reason I was feeling numbness and coldness. So they have me on a potassium pill, which has helped a lot so far.

JR and Britt came up to the hospital to be with me, which was so comforting. I'm very thankful to have them here... JR has a new iPhone, so he was "twit-pic"ing while Brittany held me...

3. Leland left yesterday afternoon, and my mom flew in last night to be with me. I was referred by the ER doctor to a neurologist, who hopefully can see me this week while my mom is here.

I'm feeling OK, the headaches come and go, and my issues with numbness have gotten better since they put me on potassium. Hopefully we can find some answers to this nonsense very soon. In the meantime, my mom is here for my b-day, so that's kinda fun.

Fun fact: the fire alarm has gone off twice in my building since my mom has been here. (this has not happened once all semester) One of the two times was this morning at 8:45 am, so Trish got to meet all my neighbors in her PJs... haha!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October is my favorite :)

I love October. I always love October, because it's when fall really starts to feel like fall, and it's also my birthday month! But, this year October has been extra special. And there are still a couple more weeks of it! I started off the month in Knoxville, where I got to see my sister, boyfriend, and two best friends from camp, plus a few old high school friends, all whom I love very much! The week after that I got to see some sweet friends in Little Rock, which was also a lot of fun. This weekend, my sister and her friend Liz spent their fall break here in Jonesboro with me! We had SO much fun! Steph had never been here before, so it was fun to show her around and let her experience what my life is like here. But that's not all! Leland will be here on Friday to spend the weekend in Jonesboro. My birthday is next Wednesday, the 28th, and that weekend I'll be ending the month of October the same way I started it--in Knoxville! This time, I'll be there with my parents! I'm meeting them in Nashville and driving to UT with them. That Friday morning I have a meeting in Nashville with a guy from the Nashville Scene about an internship for next summer... I am really hoping that works out! It would be great to spend the summer at "home" in Music City! So if you're a frequent follower of my blog, please be praying for that!

Yay for October! I hope everyone is having as great a month as I am!

Off to cheer on my roommates in their game against North Texas... Go stAte!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Homesickness: cured.

I had the hardest time bouncing back this week after being in Knoxville with my sister last weekend. I was really feeling homesick, especially Monday and Tuesday. Plus I was exhausted from a lack of sleep, so I was just not very pleasant to be around.

Last night I went to Little Rock for a Young Life banquet, and it could not have come at a better time. My good friends from Nashville, Drew and Ellie Holcomb, played music at it, and it was so good to see them. There is something about the family that Young Life creates that can make anywhere feel like home. It was so good to sit and catch up on life with Ellie. She is one of those people that is just so encouraging to be around, and every time I see her I leave feeling so loved--each time my life is enriched a little bit more. Plus she just cracks me up--we laughed a lot last night! It was also great to see the Greens--YL staff people in Little Rock. I like to refer to them as my "Arkansas parents." They're pretty great. They love me well! I'm blessed to have them so close by, since my real family is so far.

This morning I'm tired from driving back early to make it to class, and this rain is making me sleepy, but I've been spending time with Jesus just thanking him... for the people he has placed in my life who are such a pure example of his love for me.

6 days until Steph comes to Jonesboro. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Missing Music City...

Everyone is going to Nashville this weekend... I want to go. :( Can't miss class again on Friday. Could go after... can't afford it. Lame. Why can't gas be free?

On the bright side: Stephie will be in Jonesboro for the first time ever in t-7 days! YES!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me!

I can not even begin to express how great my weekend was. It was well worth the seven hour drive to see all of my favorite people! Thursday I crammed lots of visits into a very short day in Nashville. I saw Meredith and Liz at Vandy, went to see Rachel at her house, went to a Brentwood girls soccer game with Adrienne, hung out with Annie and spent the night at her house, and had breakfast with Eve on Friday before going to Knoxville! I love breakfast with Eve... there is never a time that I spend time with her and don't come away with little "nuggets of wisdom."

Knoxville was out of control. SO MUCH fun! I got there Friday and went to lunch with my sister. Then we hung out at her house for the afternoon, Leland came over, and he and I walked down to our friends Kayla and Caitlin's apartment. Then he took me on a date to Wasabi--it was delicious. After dinner we went back to Steph's and waited for the arrival of Beth Overcarsh! When she finally got to Knoxville, we went to pick her up, where the two of us shared a very special embrace after not seeing each other since camp! So fun! We went back to Kayla and Caitlin's for a while, then back to Steph's. Saturday we slept in, got up and hung out at Steph's house until Sarah Womack arrived--alas, the threesome was finally reunited! Leland came over and grilled some burgers, then we headed down to Neyland Stadium around 5. The game was a lot of fun even though the Vols lost. Sarah and I had front row endzone seats (thank you, Gerald Jones!). Highlights:
1. Erin Andrews, my idol, walked right in front of us like 5 times. Don't worry--I creeped a picture.
2. We got on ESPN! My phone blew up after the first Tennessee TD from everyone who saw me on TV!
3. Smokey peed on the field, which was quite entertaining.

Saturday night was pretty fun. Steph's house ("the Spot") got pretty crazy after the game. I think half of the football team was there. It was a good time. We were up a little too late--and I had to drive 7 hours today to get back to Jonesboro, but it was totally worth it! I'm a little sad tonight after being with all of my favorite people. Definitely suffering from post-Knoxville depression. But it was so great to spend time with Stephie and Leland, and so much fun to see Beth and Sarah! Love them.

I put about 1,000 miles on the Ranger this weekend. She's tired. Resting up until we head down to Little Rock on Thursday.

Some photos from the epic adventure...

Me and Steph at her house after the game!
Erin Andrews walking right by me... I was so star-struck!
The ever so lovely Sarah Womack and me, in our seats before the game started!

(Beth has a picture of the three of us--waiting for it to surface on facebook so I can add it here!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the road again!

Tomorrow I set out on a new adventure! Nashville for about 24 hours, and then Knoxville for the rest of the weekend! Reasons it's going to be phenomenal:

1. Haven't seen my sister since July!
2. Haven't seen Leland in 5 weeks! :)
3. Beth and Sarah, my two besties from camp will be there!
4. Front row end zone seats at the game! GO VOLS!
5. New fun CD's to rock out to during long drives alone.
6. Haven't had a good long adventure in the lone ranger since my drive back up to J-town from Houston in August.

Looking forward to it--so much that I can't sleep tonight! Can't wait to write about it later. :)