Sunday, June 20, 2010

So thankful for my daddy today.

Missing my dad today... I wish I could be in Texas with him! Today is extra special for him because it's also his birthday! I know everyone says, "I have the best dad ever"... but I really believe that I actually do. No one has taught me to love better than this guy. To love Jesus, to love people, and to love life--no matter where you are. He's led my family through deep waters, he's been real, he's been gracious, and he's been the best role model I could ever ask for. He's shown me what a man of God looks like and has given me a standard for whoever it is I'm still waiting for. He's taught me to take risks, to make mistakes, and to not ever miss out on doing something that I'm passionate about. He's shown me how to be a servant. He's loved me through seasons when I was probably really hard to love. He's been my "buddy" for almost 21 years, and I'm so very thankful for him. Happy Father's day and Birthday, Dad! I love you.