Sunday, May 17, 2009

Texas Adventures!

I'm finally at home in Houston! I haven't written in a while... I've been too busy wandering all over the United States. I guess this post will just be a re-cap of my last week or so, for those of you who actually care to know what I've been up to! I left Nashville on Tuesday, picked up some friends along the way in Arkansas, and we spent a few days at my grandparents' lake house in Crockett, TX. Friday we drove up to Dallas for JR and Britt's wedding... had to be at the rehearsal dinner Friday night, which was a lot of fun. The wedding was on Saturday and it was so precious! I cried like 3 times during the ceremony. The reception was a blast... I was a dancing fool, naturally. Today was kind of sad because I had to say bye to all my friends and Leland. Won't see most of them again until August... working on not waiting that long to see Leland. I'll see him on Friday but only for a little while, he's picking me up from the airport in Nashville, but I'm leaving that same day to drive to Knoxville and break up the trip to camp. It's gonna be a crazy week trying to unpack everything at home and then pack for my month at camp. I'll write something more meaningful later this week, I suppose... for now I'm just going to post some fun pictures from the last week!

The girls at the lake... so fun!

Noland, Kai, Leland, Me, Corbett, Kelsey... what a fun group!

Me and Kai, pre-rehearsal

Me and my wonderful date/drummer at the wedding

The girls and the groom! What a guy. Love him.

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