Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolution sounds too cliche... goals, perhaps?

I hate saying, "New Years Resolution"... nobody keeps those. I think it's important to set goals though... to have some direction in what you're aiming to accomplish over a year's time. So I've made some semester goals for myself.

1. Less stress, more laughter. Hakuna matata! I let life get me too stressed out last year... this year I'm not going to "take on the world's problems" quite as much. I'm going to enjoy myself, my life, and the wonderful people who are a part of it.
2. Start working out again. I quit soccer and took a 6 month break from regular physical activity... it's time to get back to it. I can feel my metabolism slowing--we can't be having that.
3. Ministry... to pray earnestly for the development of Young Life in Jonesboro, and to be patient but diligent in hearing God's voice and following where He leads this semester.
4. Be intentional about really pouring into the people that mean the most to me. Less small talk, more real talk. Invest in people in a deeper, richer way.
5. Memorize scripture. This is a new one as of yesterday when a friend of mine challenged me to do so. I'm excited to see how it changes my relationship with Jesus.

So there we have it... my 5 points of personal improvement this semester. I think they're pretty attainable goals. I'm excited about the 6 months ahead of me!

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