Sunday, November 14, 2010

Praise the Lord, the end is near!

I've spent the last half hour reading old posts... remembering, reflecting and counting my blessings. I must say God has been good this year. Through highs and lows, he's been so faithful. I've found myself more often than not this semester in a state of exhaustion. "Warn out, beaten and bedraggled" as one of my favorite writers, Brennan Manning, would put it. But I look back on the things that God has done, the things that he's taught me and the fullness of heart that comes with those "harvest seasons" and it gets me through this kind of desert season I've been in lately. Nothing is going terribly wrong, but I'm so tired. I feel like this entire semester I've just been longing for the time to just rest in the presence of the Lord. Luckily the semester is getting close enough to the end where there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to spend time with my family next week for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to come back and finally get this semester of school behind me. I can't wait until the smoke clears from the craziness of this last few months and I can look back and say, "God, your hand was in that. Thanks."

Here's to holding on and finishing strong. As the holidays approach, I hope and pray that we all are able to slow down a little and enjoy the company of the people we love the most. I certainly plan on doing that!

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