Sunday, August 2, 2009

My weekend as a river rat!

Wow, it's really been too long since I posted something on here. This weekend I spent a few days in New Braunfels camping on River Road with some of my friends from Windy Gap. It was great to spend some time with those three lovely ladies, and it was definitely an experience for the books. A few lessons learned and interesting happenings from our little adventure:

1. If you see a dark cloud in the distance, wait for it to pass before attempting to set up camp. Strong winds in dirt fields just might result in Dust Bowl 2009.

2. Stereotypical "River Rat Rednecks" are actually real. They really do have serious arguments about Nascar in which the threat, "I'll piss on your tent" is exchanged when someone hates on their favorite driver. They really do drink Crown with their breakfast, and let out "rebel yells" whenever they so please. If you have ever seen "The Turtle Man" on youtube, I'm pretty sure he was our neighbor. If you haven't seen him, you should watch it ASAP.

3. A group of four young girls in an environment when having all of your teeth puts you in the minority pays off. Discounts on everything! We even got a free cooler tube when we floated the river.

4. ALWAYS check your parking spot number and level in a parking garage. Especially when you're at the River Walk in San Antonio and there are typically 3 parking garages right next to each other.

5. When the bath houses are closed and there are hundreds of intoxicated people in one small village of tents, watch out for (a) girls peeing in strange places all over the camp grounds, and (b) women "showering" in the sinks in the one small bathroom that stays open 24 hours. Yeah, shimmying by a naked lady when trying to get to the toilet is a little awkward.

6. Make sure you throw away all your trash and lock your cooler when you go to bed at night... Raccoons like to make frequent visits.

7. If you actually intend on sleeping, bring ear plugs to block out the noise from your noisy "Turtle Man" neighbors. Although doing so might rob you of some serious entertainment.

We had a great time, and definitely experienced some "one of a kind" things! Next year we're going more prepared--christmas lights on the tent to make us look cool like our awesome redneck neighbors, A FAN, and more people! We were wishing we had more of our summer staff buddies with us!

Might upload photos later... stay tuned.

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