Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 things I adore...

Inspired by bleubirdvintage, I've decided to post my own "10 things I adore". In no particular order, here we go...

1. Chocolate chip pancakes! For some reason I think they taste better at night...

2. Volkswagon vans! I want to buy one and travel the world in it. OK, maybe just travel the USA

3. Babies. I can't wait to have "little me's" running around someday... look how cute!

4. Fun headbands that Brittany makes me! Or just fun headbands in general. I really love this one though:

5. ENO Hammocks! Best $50 I ever spent, for real. It's my favorite place to nap. Or read. Or just lay... it's basically heaven that you can take with you anywhere.

6. Handwritten letters and postcards. No one does this anymore. I love getting letters. :)

7. A good cup of coffee. Goes well with friends, books, music... pretty much all things wonderful.

8. Sunflowers! They just look happy, like they want to brighten your day. There will be sunflowers at my wedding someday.

9. Hats! Of all kinds, really....

10. My sisters... my two favorite girls in the whole world! Miss them. Can't wait til Thanksgiving and Christmas time!

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