Friday, March 6, 2009


Let's see, ways that I saw God today...

1. I woke up to a text message from Annie Thomas, an old Young Life leader in Nashville, just encouraging me with some scripture to focus on throughout the day. During the fall of my senior year when I was really struggling with some things, she would text me every day with a verse and some words of encouragement, and now every time she sends me an encouraging little text, it takes me back to that time in my life when she reached out to me when no one else did. The relationship I have with Annie is without a doubt one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me, and hearing from her this morning was such a great reminder of that.

2. I walked into the caf this morning after class, and ran into a teammate of mine who was on her way to go pack and leave for home for the weekend to spend some time with her family. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago, so this will be her first visit since then. She walked up to me and said, "I need a Krimm hug right now." ...and just told me how she was kind of feeling emotional about going home. So I hugged her, told her I loved her, and to know that she was being thought of and prayed for while she was gone. And this is the one girl on the team that I directly compete with for playing time, who I could so easily keep at a distance and not want to have a relationship with, but this semester God has really done something special with our growing friendship. Our brief moment this morning was a great reminder of that, and it was a reminder that when I put my pride away and just love on people, God uses that in pretty awesome ways. I got a text message from her about 15 minutes later saying how much our friendship has meant to her, and thanking me for the hug.

...a few hours later, after I had run into another friend of mine (and naturally, given her a big "Krimm hug"), I got a text message from that friend saying thanks for the hug and that it made her day a little better. Which doesn't seem like a "wow" God moment at first, but I feel like the fact that two people within just a few hours of each other told me how much just a hug changed their day, was God trying to tell me something. It's a simple act of love that goes a long way... and if just a hug from an insignificant person can change the course of someone's day so much, that says something about the magnitude of God's love and the changes that it makes in our lives.

3. After Dark tonight was just one big God moment. Obviously a free Matt Wertz concert is a gift... haha. But Joe White's message was really awesome. And to see hundreds of people line up and go nail their "issues" up on a cross on stage was pretty incredible. It was just all-around awesome, it's really cool that they're changing that many lives on college campuses. Made me miss Young Life camp a lot... and it really made me miss my Dad! Anyway, God was most definitely there tonight, and it was pretty fabulous. those are kind of my "big 3" I guess. It was definitely a challenge to try to be constantly conscious of God's presence in my day. There were times when I was definitely feeling like he was in hiding somewhere. But, we're not supposed to have perfect days. If we were, we'd all be living in heaven. Every day is full of imperfections, but God showed me his love in so many different ways today. He showed me how much he loves me through Annie. He showed me how much he loves that I love other people through Megan and Kristen. And he showed me how much he loves all of us, no matter what our story is, at After Dark tonight. Those are 3 aspects of "God-presence" that I'd love to be reminded of every day. His love is pretty awesome...

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