Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Can't get enough' of Drew & Ellie...

I woke up this morning with a heart full of so much joy... much due to some sweet friends that I got to spend some time with last night. I know I've mentioned Drew and Ellie Holcomb here before, and that I've shared bits and pieces of just appreciating Ellie's friendship in my life, but for some reason they are just really on my heart this morning (morning? It's 1 pm... I just woke up, so it's morning), so I feel like I want to share some things about them with whoever happens to be reading.

I met the Holcombs at Young Life camp in the summer of 2007. At the time I was a pretty angry, rebellious, lost teenager. As Jesus softened and recaptured my heart that summer, their music and voices just so happened to be the soundtrack to that chapter of my life. Ironically we were both from Nashville, so we were able to bring relationships back from camp to real life at home. I'm not really sure how it happened from there, but Ellie and I just developed a relationship that's grown into a sweet friendship from afar over the last few years. When we happen to cross paths, whether in Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Asheville or some other random city, we seize the opportunity to get a few minutes of quality time... and more often that not, it's way too short.

But she's just one of those friends that it's worth a 5 hour drive for a 10 minute face-to-face conversation — it's just good for my heart to see her face once in a while. Last summer, while I was living in Nashville, we were lucky enough to be there at the same time for a whole 3 weeks or so, so we got to hang out a few times during those weeks. I was going through this season of kind of hearing a new calling on my life from the Lord, and as I shared it with her one morning over breakfast, it was Ellie that made me really believe in it, and really believe in myself... and she's continued to encourage me through that over the last 6 months or so.

I think it was last night that I really realized that just as she believes in me and believes in my calling and purpose, I believe in what she and Drew feel called to do. Which is why some friends and I raised the money to give to their kickstarter campaign in October and bring them to Jonesboro for an acoustic show. And it was so fun to watch all the people in that room last night fall in love with them. I love to watch them change hearts and lives just by telling their own stories through their music. I think music is one of the most powerful forms of art and communication... people listen to music because they want something to relate to. They want to know that they're not alone in whatever they may be feeling, and a lot of times you can find that in music. And to see two people that I love with such beautiful hearts for Jesus and for people doing that, and doing it well, is such a sweet thing.

So to the two of you, Drew and Ellie, thank you for being who you are, and for ministering to hearts through your music. It's a beautiful thing! To Ellie, my sweet friend, thanks for pouring into me, for encouraging me, and believing in me. I believe in y'all too. Which is why I love to share you with other people... after all, that's kind of what the gospel is about, right? Sharing with others what you believe in.

...And to anyone who's reading this and doesn't know them, allow me to share the love a little more! :) ... check 'em out.

A few photos from last night, at ReMix in downtown J-town:

Drew & Ellie

Way to show up, friends :)

We were really happy to be together... we jumped on the couch. Until Ellie almost broke an ankle.

Gosh, I love you.

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