Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneek peak: a little glimpse of Honduras

Here are just a few photos from Honduras... I have videos that I'll upload as soon as I figure out how to do that on here. I may have to put them on YouTube first. Anyway, enjoy a quick glimpse at some of my experiences! I've got a few more posts up my sleeve of other things God revealed while I was there that will be coming soon. :) Stay tuned, folks.

Some little boys that we met as we walked down the street in one of the communities just outside of the city of Teguc. Soon after we started talking (and playing charades) with them, about eight more of their friends came running up from all over. It was precious!

At the two different daycares we went to, we took kids' pictures, printed them, and helped them decorate frames. Their moms loved it! They can't afford things like this... which is crazy, since it probably costs less than $1 for each of them. Here is a mom holding up the photos of her two little girls.

This is one of my favorite little buddies from my trip. I'll be dedicating an entire post to the kiddos later, so stay tuned :)

This is how people store their water... they only get it one or two times a week, and it obviously is not drinkable, but they use it for washing, bathing, etc... this family lived way up on a mountain, so I can't imagine that they get water too often.

...more from Teguc coming soon! Dios te bendiga!

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