Monday, October 26, 2009

Visitors, hospitals, and fire alarms.

It's been an interesting few days... let's just hit the highlights:

1. Thursday night, Kelsey and I went to the ER, because I was having some pretty intense headaches that were making me dizzy and light headed. They did a CT Scan, blood test, and pregnancy test (just in case Jesus was coming round 2). The results: nothing. So they treated me for migraines, with Lortab.

2. Friday Leland came, and Saturday I started feeling worse. I was really cold, my body temp dropped to 94 at one point, and I was starting to feel some numbness in my arms and legs. So we went back to the ER, they did some more extensive blood tests, a chest x-ray, and yet another pregnancy test. The results: x-rays were fine, besides the fact that apparently I have big lungs. My swim coach father would be proud. Preg-test was negative (surprise), so Jesus is in fact only coming once. BUT they did find low potassium levels in my blood, which may be the reason I was feeling numbness and coldness. So they have me on a potassium pill, which has helped a lot so far.

JR and Britt came up to the hospital to be with me, which was so comforting. I'm very thankful to have them here... JR has a new iPhone, so he was "twit-pic"ing while Brittany held me...

3. Leland left yesterday afternoon, and my mom flew in last night to be with me. I was referred by the ER doctor to a neurologist, who hopefully can see me this week while my mom is here.

I'm feeling OK, the headaches come and go, and my issues with numbness have gotten better since they put me on potassium. Hopefully we can find some answers to this nonsense very soon. In the meantime, my mom is here for my b-day, so that's kinda fun.

Fun fact: the fire alarm has gone off twice in my building since my mom has been here. (this has not happened once all semester) One of the two times was this morning at 8:45 am, so Trish got to meet all my neighbors in her PJs... haha!

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