Sunday, October 18, 2009

October is my favorite :)

I love October. I always love October, because it's when fall really starts to feel like fall, and it's also my birthday month! But, this year October has been extra special. And there are still a couple more weeks of it! I started off the month in Knoxville, where I got to see my sister, boyfriend, and two best friends from camp, plus a few old high school friends, all whom I love very much! The week after that I got to see some sweet friends in Little Rock, which was also a lot of fun. This weekend, my sister and her friend Liz spent their fall break here in Jonesboro with me! We had SO much fun! Steph had never been here before, so it was fun to show her around and let her experience what my life is like here. But that's not all! Leland will be here on Friday to spend the weekend in Jonesboro. My birthday is next Wednesday, the 28th, and that weekend I'll be ending the month of October the same way I started it--in Knoxville! This time, I'll be there with my parents! I'm meeting them in Nashville and driving to UT with them. That Friday morning I have a meeting in Nashville with a guy from the Nashville Scene about an internship for next summer... I am really hoping that works out! It would be great to spend the summer at "home" in Music City! So if you're a frequent follower of my blog, please be praying for that!

Yay for October! I hope everyone is having as great a month as I am!

Off to cheer on my roommates in their game against North Texas... Go stAte!

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