Monday, April 20, 2009

my life is quite the adventure...

I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about my summer... I'm super excited about it, but there's so much that is still uncertain about it. Right when I get done with finals I'm going to Nashville for a week to spend some time with my friends there before I go to my "new home" in Texas. From Nashville, Leland, Kai and I are road-tripping it down to Dallas and picking up my friend Corbett on the way for JR and Brittany's wedding. Noland and Kelsey are meeting us there. That will be a really fun week. We're going to my grandparents lake house for a few days before the wedding. After that I'll go home for about 4 or 5 days, and then head to North Carolina for Young Life camp! I'll be there for a month. That's probably what I'm most excited for... it's going to be amazing. I'm driving all the way there by myself... my sister was originally supposed to be with me, but now she won't be. So I'm stopping in Little Rock and either Nashville or Knoxville along the way to break up the trip... it should definitely be an adventure! After camp I'll head to Texas for the rest of the summer. Not really sure what I'm doing with my life once I get there... I need to find some way to make money, but I'll only be there for like 6 weeks, so it will be hard to find a job.

So, I'm excited for all the adventures ahead, but a little nervous/stressed about all of the craziness of it. I was telling my friend Meredith about all my summer plans today and her response was, "Wow, you really are homeless!" So, in a way, I guess she may have a point... let the vagabond lifestyle continue! Maybe this is my calling. Perhaps God is preparing me for a lifetime of travels... that would be neat! I'm diggity down for that.

Ellie asked me on Friday night, if I could sum up in one word or phrase what God has been to me in the last year, what would it be... and my response was, "full of surprises!" One year ago I didn't even know that my parents were moving yet. God threw me quite a few curve balls this year... but I've seen fruit from it for sure! And obviously He is still at work in my life with all of the craziness, because there is much more to come over the next couple of months. However, underlying all of the chaos there is a peace about it... I know He knows what He's doing. I know my month at camp will be a time of tremendous growth, and surprises as well I'm sure! And I'm kind of excited for my lonely road trip... I think me and God are gonna have some good bonding time during those long drives. As for my lonely time in Texas, I hope He's got something exciting for me, because as much as I'm excited about being home with my family, I feel like I'm gonna get bored real fast. Especially since Dad will be at camp for most of the time that I'm home. =(

2 weeks of school left, and then let the adventures begin...

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