Saturday, April 18, 2009

what a night!

Last night was so much fun! I saw Drew and Ellie Holcomb for the first time since August... way too long! It was great to get to catch up with them, they are precious. I got a sweet little surprise while I was there. Leland wanted to come to Memphis to surprise me but couldn't really afford to make that drive two weekends in a row, so he called Drew yesterday and had him dedicate a song to me. I cried.

It was a special night... glad I got to see some old friends that I miss so much, it was great getting to sit and talk to Ellie for a while. One thing I love about Young Life is that I've met people that become like family so quickly, and even if I only see them a few times a year for a very short time, that short conversation I get to have with them is so special. I feel like that's how it's gonna be in heaven. We're just gonna connect with people so easily because of this common love for Christ that we share. It's amazing how different relationships can be when that one common bond to Jesus is present. Love it!

PS, if you don't know Drew Holcomb, you should.


  1. I am wondering what song was dedicated to you? That is precious... I cried a little reading it!

  2. haha... it was magnolia tree